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Outsourced transcription services - Calculator

Transcription Service Analysis and Benchmarking

Transcription is a vital function in professional firms and all firms are looking to maximise efficiency in their document production process.  

Voicepath can take data from your dictation system and help you fully understand the realities of your existing transcription service,how it compares with other firms and how outsourcing some or all of your transcription might assist in maximising the efficient production of documents.

Analysis: We can determine the characteristics of your existing in-house/outsourced service on a firm wide and departmental basis looking at:

Dictation volumes and priorities

Speed of document turnaround

Secretarial throughput and efficiency

Estimated current costs

Benchmarking:  We can see how your firm compares with others in terms of efficiency and fee earner support.

Report: We can present the results, analysis and recommended next steps for review within the firm.

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Transcription Service Analysis